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Waddington Concert Series

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Waddington Concert Series will present an Annual Dedication Concert  partially funded by The (Dancing Queen) Alice Carr Memorial Fund.   The  intention is to honor the memory of the lost and treasured Waddington Community Members since the previous Dedication Concert. This year the time frame is  June 2018-June 2019 with the concert being held on July 26th. The names of each member will be read prior to the start of the concert.  Families and friends are welcome to bring picture(s) and hold then up as their loved one/friend's name is called. Alice Carr loved the Waddington Community and music. Thank you to Alice's family for the opportunity to present this Annual Dedication Concert. 

Waddington Honored Memories for 2018-19 are:

Steven Brock
June Brown
Frances Doyle
Vada Dunn Mott Dunham
Hazel Fox
Cary Greene
Peter Gregory
Fred Jahne
Audrey Koeniger
Patricia Lawrence
Matt Layo and Jane Layo
James Richard (Dick) Mayette
Edie & Michael McDonald
Michael O'Geene
Roy Patraw
Carolyn Pickert
Myrna Rutherford
James Sheets
Natalie Sheets
Lois Shoen
Dorothy Smith
Matthew Stone
Mike Whalen
Harold & Flora Ann White


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Dedication Concert 2019

Sponsored by Alice Carr Memorial Fund and 

MM Larry and Judy Jones